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Feniks Youth Project Curacao           

This is a project that will help young adults to find their talents in after school activities, the personal attention is most priority. The project is build up in 5 disciplines and provides professional training in after school activities from 2 pm till 6 pm to youth in the ages 12 to 18 years. This concept will cover 9 months. The critical success points are; participation of parents and participation of local organizations.

After a personal intake, assessment and selection, the youngster will participate in a program that is build up in modules off three months for each discipline.

For practical experience we arrange visits to restaurants, security companies, agricultural enterprises, administrational service companies, healthcare centers etc. Workshops on location are also a part of the training. In this way we give the youth a taste in the professional world so they will be motivated to get good grades at school.

Every 3 month period we arrange information meetings with healthcare professionals about awareness of comprehensive sexual transmitted diseases, body care and measures to prevent several disorders in health. We also provide information meetings with law officers, to inform the youth about the consequence of criminal activities.

The youngsters get basic training in good behaviour, etiquette and respect for all living creatures and nature. This all is part of daily training in the discipline of their choice. So they learn skills, practice sports, learn to create and are aware of social issues in today's world.

The parents have a guiding responsibility in the group where they commit to be present three days per period. No parent will support in a group of one of their own children.

To recognize the ability of their new acquired talents we organize an event to let them show the public what they learned. After the full term of 9 month they receive a certificate of participation and good reference of discipline.


  Fashion show                                      K9 dog brigade demonstration 


              Visit US Air Force Base      

First aid training                                                       World Culture Event


Information room AVD                                                       Workshop Cooking Italian

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