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Press: Antiliaans Dagblad 10-02-2011


22 -02-2011

This month we closed the first period of Feniks Project Curaҫao with succes. We hope to restart this program in a few months because of the high need for these afterschool activities. To stop violence, criminal activities, early pregnancies and AIDS we need to proceed this program. We care for these young adults and want to give the full package of attention and care.

We are in need of financial support. With all our faith and trust we expect that people in this world want to bring a stop to violence and abuse, neglect and hunger. Because, yes there is still hunger in this society. Unbelievable but very true. The need for them to know that there are people who want them to succeed in life. We call on the warm hearted people to support our cause to help these young ones on their way to a joyful life without the problems they now have to face. Can they trust in you?

With most thankfulness,

Inge  Mollevanger


World Wide Wings Foundation